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downsite review
24 March 07:33am #1
Acespot  Acespot
Post: 4
Hello friends,[br] Review this my site Acespot and tell me what features you suggest should be added or removed.
25 March 11:12am #2
Lordbright  Lordbright
Post: 233
Great, Nice Site
25 April 02:09pm #3
Steve165  Steve165
Post: 1
hello you have lot,s section to change like wapkiz default header menu, latest update css etc.

in that case can you review my site http://bdmix.wapkiz.com and tell me if have any problem of suggestion.
Thanks: Allcodes,
25 April 05:54pm #4
smsudipbd  smsudipbd
Post: 106
css not maintain good looking.
if you want i suggest some css style.
Thanks: Allcodes,
12 July 11:08am #5
Allcodes  Allcodes
Post: 19
Thanks y'all for your honest feedbacks, i really appreciate.
That's a great site you've got there.

@smsudipbd i'll really love it if you suggest a good CSS too
06 September 02:35pm #6
ffthemes  ffthemes
Post: 3
The website does not have a good template, download a good template for free click here
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