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downWhere is the path of the footer and header file of cms?
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22 January 04:50pm #1
moba  moba
Post: 1
Hi .. I wanted to find and edit the path of the footer and header file in John CMS in the file manager, but I do not know where they are. Please tell, if anyone knows
Thanks: Ajaharbd, Jar, Img, Cms,
12 March 05:02pm #2
Post: 1
if JhonCMS version 9++ Go to \themes\default\templates\system\layoutEdit file default.phtml for logo line #54 and footer Twitter Yuotube etc start from Line #131
Thanks: Ajaharbd, Jar, Cms,
05 December 12:36pm #3
Sun  Sun
Post: 24
Bank!ng, Amaz!ng...
Thanks: Ajaharbd,
27 December 10:16am #4
Rip  Rip
Post: 27
Great, @Yes @Infinity @Sheikh @Raihan ...
Thanks: Ajaharbd, Cms,
01 January 12:00am #5
Sun  Sun
Post: 24
N0+te @Raihan Bot Im ....+

War=What Happens 0n 2060?
Thanks: Ajaharbd, Img,
01 January 12:00am #6
Jar  Jar
Post: 22

A- H[b]af[b/]su, B- [b]War[b/]shu, C-
[/c] @yes [*][/*] @admin [c]
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