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27 August 04:08pm #1
daudbd  daudbd
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Today I am sharing Setting up a sitemap and robots.txt file for a website created using the Wapkiz platform involves some basic steps. Here's a guide on how to do it:

Important Notes: Make sure your sitemap.xml and robots.txt files are placed in the root directory of your website. Always double-check your robots.txt file to ensure you're not accidentally blocking access to important content. After uploading the files, you might need to wait for search engines to pick up the changes. You can also manually submit your sitemap to Google Search Console or other search engine webmaster tools.

Remember that these steps are generic and might need to be adapted to the specific features and setup of the Wapkiz platform. If Wapkiz provides any specific tools or options for managing sitemaps and robots.txt, it's recommended to refer to their documentation or support resources for accurate instructions.

Sitemap Code Download

Any Problem pls contact me.
04 September 12:14pm #2
x_x  x_x
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Good @job
04 September 04:00pm #3
daudbd  daudbd
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