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downHow Do i change My Blog Post Link In Wapkiz
03 April 08:34am #1
Adegoldop6  Adegoldop6
Post: 5
Please help i want to change my blog link from the default one to some thing like rihanbd own please share the code

03 April 06:22pm #2
Ibraheemmusha  Ibraheemmusha
Post: 60
For blog
<a href="page-4/?to-blog=%id%&to-title=%title%">

For File
<a href="/page-download/%id%/%lname%.mp3">

hope i answer your question

for more help visit ibraheemng.ml
04 April 11:10am #3
techjay  techjay
Post: 10
use this
<a href="page-4?/to-blog=%id%
11 February 05:28pm #4
wts  wts
Post: 5
Link: /page-blog/%id%/%lname%
[blog]to=:url-1(:to-id:):||details code[/blog]
Category [blog]cat=:url-1(:to-id:):||details code[/blog]
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